Introduction to Quantum Computing

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Course Information In this short course, we will cover quantum computation, including both algorithms and physical implementations, and quantum networking, including key distribution and teleportation. At the end of the course, attendees should have a basic understanding of the importance of quantum computing, how it works, and the ability to assess the value of new research results.

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#01June 27, 2005
"Lecture 1: Introduction " (07/11/2005 up) << Click HERE
Rod Van Meter

  • Course outline
  • Current trends in computing research
  • Quantum computing
  • What's a qubit?
  • Reversible computing and unitary transforms
  • Overview:
    QC algorithms, physical realizations, quantum networking

o Materials for student (pdf, 4 slides in 1 page) (3589797bytes, 6/22/2005)

#02June 27, 2005
"Lecture 2: Algorithms " (07/11/2005 up) << Click HERE
Rod Van Meter

  • Deutsch-Jozsa
  • Shor
  • Grover
  • Others: Simon, Random number generation
  • Quantum error correction

o Materials for student (pdf, 2 slides in 1 page) (1227849bytes, 6/25/2005)

#03June 28, 2005
"Lecture 3: Devices and Technologies " (07/11/2005 up) << Click HERE
Rod Van Meter

  • DiVincenzo's criteria
  • NMR (liquid, all-silicon, solid)
  • Quantum dots
  • Superconducting qubits (charge, flux, phase)
  • Ion traps (small scale and scalable) and optical lattice
  • All-optical

o Materials for student updated(pdf, 4 slides in 1 page) (2082205bytes, 6/28/2005)

#04June 28, 2005
"Lecture 4: Quantum Computer Architecture " (07/11/2005 up) << Click HERE
Rod Van Meter

  • Quantum computer taxonomy
  • Example: Layout (internal interconnect, measurement)
  • Scalable ion trap
  • Quantum multicomputer
  • Quantum arithmetic and architecture

o Materials for student (pdf, 4 slides in 1 page) (3291891bytes, 6/25/2005)

#05June 29, 2005
"Lecture 5: Networking and Summary " (07/11/2005 up) << Click HERE
Rod Van Meter

  • Teleportation
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • Overall Review
  • Research directions and timetables
  • Prominent researchers and institutions
  • Sources of further info

o Materials for student (wrap up)(pdf, 4 slides in 1 page) (541159bytes, 6/25/2005)
o Materials for student (pdf, 4 slides in 1 page) (460417bytes, 6/25/2005)

TermJune 2005
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Class LevelUndergrad 1-2
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